We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.Albert Einstein

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We live with innovation

We are a market leading custom software and hardware consultancy based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Our company has collaborated on various multi year projects lasting 5- 7 years. We have collaborated on big-data projects at various universities including The University of Sydney, The University of Queensland, The University of Melbourne, The University of New Castle and Queensland University of Technology. In Australia We have collaborated with the Queensland government and research agencies on multi-disciplinary projects. We have also collaborated with large and small private firms including LogicP Pty Ltd on various aspects of hardware and software infrastructure for building App frameworks.

We have a diverse agile software engineering approach with 15 years experience in providing services at all levels of the solutions stack including: system architecture, application and datastructures, front-end services, middleware services and API, data services, replication andsupport services, cloud and deployment frameworks, test and release frameworks, automated deployment frameworks and process methodologies.

We pride ourselves as a premier open source engineering company. We have extensive experience in implementing and supporting multiple frameworks depending on multiple programming languages such as Java, Python, Node, C/C++, Perl, R, SQL, No-SQL and the a myriad of Web 2.0 technologies including HTML, CSS, Javascript frameworks. We also have a strong and agile project management workflow to keep clients and the project on track. We have collaborated on multi-year projects with various partners at University and private firms. We have successfully collaborated with leading experts in their respective fields to implement tailor made solutions to address their specific goals.

Khader Syed

Biological data analytics

Sheriff Zadhi

Financial data analytics

Irfan Azeez

Data Engineer

Imran Azeez

Systems Engineer

Abdullah Asiri

Product Manager



Infrastructure and hardware capacity to analyse and capture social media networks


Expertise in software development as well as Web and mobile applications

Big Data

From Data Warehouse to Business Intelligence, providing authenticated automated/programmatic access to data sources


Data processed and represented with help of portals to improve decision making for Creative Industries


We are an established and trusted software and hardware consultancy with a reputation for commitment and high integrity


Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network

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Australian Communications Consumer Action Network

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QUT Digital Media Research Centre

Our research programs generate a steady stream of media coverage …

We bring together world-renowned researchers, award-winning teachers, innovative industry experts and the brightest students to help deliver practical solutions to global problems. Find out more about us, and see how our multidisciplinary teams tackle the big issues, including climate change, urbanisation, population growth, conservation, sustainability, and the management of energy and natural resources.

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We offer training and research services to public and private sector organisations, helping them to deal with the challenges of emerging digital media technologies, and to seize the opportunities of social media analytics and big data to better understand public opinion and community needs.

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